Monday, December 12, 2005

Brownies and Checking Papers...

I have no classes on Mondays. With too much time on my hands, I baked a batch of chocolate fudge brownies and enjoyed it at tea time. My favorite tea of the moment is Houji-cha or roasted green tea. I love how it offsets the bittersweetness of the brownies.

As written in the New World Tea website:

Despite its brown appearance, this roasted green tea is still considered a green tea. Houjicha's (pronounced HO-jee-cha) exquisite smoky and roasted flavor is a perfect combination for almost any kind of food and contains less caffeine than other green teas. To insure the utmost freshness, our Japanese green teas are grown, picked, processed and vacuum-packaged at a single location, before being shipped to the United States. When you open your tin it will smell as if it were just picked from Japanese tea fields - you will be surprised by how fresh this tea is!

Then at almost 4 p.m., I started to work on checking the exam papers of my Organic Chemistry class. But as it is with me, I dozed off after about 10 minutes and woke up at 7 p.m. Bad teacher! :p

Oh, by the way! I also faxed Louis Vuitton Manila about the availability of a few bags in their collection. I have made a list of bags that I would choose from. Right now, I am veering on an Epi Alma in Mandarin. I also called them to ask if it is in stock. They said that there was one available, but they are not sure if it would not be sold by December 28 since this style and color is now in demand. Howell, I still have other styles on my list...

From the christmas 2005 catalog Louis Vuitton sent me... I want this one but in Mandarin yellow.


Jeremy said...

Saw your post regarding Houjicha the other day. Never thought of drinking it with brownies -- sounds like a good idea! Anyhow, my wife and I own and operate (the source of your reference), and I just wanted to mention that if you ever need anything related to tea (tips, shopping advice, etc.), I'd be happy to help.

adlaw said...

oh, thanks for the comment!

i have lived in tokyo for almost 7 years and people there drink tea with anything! i must have imbibed such trait once i went back home to cebu. now, i drink tea with anything, too! :)

and thanks for the offer. if i have questions, i will surely go to you. :)