Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pretty Normal Day...

Due to some pressing tasks related to a translation job, I was almost late for my class. Luck was with me as the roads were clear and I got to class in 20 minutes.

After my lecture, I decided to pay a visit to Canon to follow up on the lens cover that they stupidly left in Manila. I am so pissed off with their incompetency. I had my Powershot Pro1 repaired because ants decided to make a home inside the hot shoe of my digital camera. It took them 2 months to return my digicam and wonders of wonder! The lens cover was not shipped together with the camera body. I discovered the mistake a month ago, but still the lens cover has not been shipped! My blood boiled over and they got a piece of my temper. Grrr...

I let myself cool off and since my dentist's office is in the same arcade, I decided to drop by to make an appointment for Thursday morning. Afterwhich, I stopped by the salon for my regular hot oil treatment, pedicure, and eyebrow grooming.

I also went shopping and bought Guinot skin care products and the last set of DVDs for Friends. Yey! All 10 Friends DVD sets are completed! Just like my 6 DVD sets for Sex and the City! Hurray!

Target DVDs for the new year:
1. Monk Seasons 1, 2, and 3
2. 2046 (A must have since I already own the DVDs for "In The Mood For Love" and "Chungking Express")

Time to spend and click on that Amazon icon...

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