Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Resurrected Shoes and a Dead Earthworm

As I was looking at my collection of shoes to find a pair that would coordinate well with my outfit, I chanced upon this old pair which has served me well for the 3 months I was in Tokyo on a research fellowship. It has been two years since I wore these shoes and I chose to wear it since I found it to be a good combination with my brown halter blouse and cardigan.

The dead earthworm was attacked by ants! - a garage shot...

So what did I accomplish today?
1. I delivered my lecture.
2. I got my Pag-ibig check which will be deposited to my bank account this Thursday.
3. I paid my VISA card bills.
4. Not an accomplishment, but I got my 13th month pay! Yey!

Oh, and Pancit gave me a bottle of white wine as Christmas gift. Thanks, Pancit!


balikbayan_box said...

love your shoes!

and eww sa earthworm hehehe

adlaw said...

hehe. thanks! the shoes felt new since I have not worn it for years! sometimes it's nice to look beyond your fave and well-worn pairs of shoes. an old treasure could be hidden...

bitaw, ewww kaayo ang wati! hahaha.

Lizy said...

But your shoes does'nt look has old one..it looks as a new pair of shoes..i like the red colour..its very nice.