Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Teacher's Day

I attended to my laboratory and lecture classes the whole morning. As there were no classes in the afternoon due to Teacher's Day celebrations, I decided to go to the main campus to apply for SSS and Pag-ibig loans. I was advised to do so because apparently other people may loan using my SSS and Pag-ibig IDs if my records remain loan-free. The application process only took about 30 minutes. I do not have to go to the SSS office for the SSS loan, which is a big help as lining up there is hell. However, I have to go to the Pag-ibig building tomorrow to finalize my loan. It is sort of cute that I will only be receiving PhP12,000 from SSS and less than PhP5,000 from Pag-ibig for these loans. hehe. But still, better me getting the money than other people. Bad trip if you have to pay for loans that other people enjoyed in your name.

It was already 2:30 when I finished finished submitting all my loan related papers to the Accounting office. I was famished and was so tempted to drop by Jollibee for some fries and mais con hielo ice craze. But, I was more sleepy than hungry and decided to just go home to catch a nap. The 30-minute nap resulted in hunger pangs that could not be denied. I had to wake up and fry some banana turons and match them with yummy vanilla ice cream lined with Hershey's chocolate, and topped off with homemade yoghurt! Yummy! Perfect for the rainy weather.

There was supposed to be a Teacher's Day fete at the Grand Convention. But it was really raining hard. I was already ready to go and even changed to a skirt for the party...

In the end, I decided to celebrate being a teacher by staying home and continuing on that nap a few hours ago...

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