Friday, December 09, 2005

Classroom Scenes

Teaching may not make you a millionaire, but the fulfillment you get from the job more than makes up for it. I do get my share of lazy and dull students, but I am generally blessed with bright, enthusiastic, and respectful students who remain my friends even after they graduate from my class.

Today, I had Organic Chemistry laboratory and lecture classes for the Chemistry majors. They were engrossed in the lab trying to finish their analysis on an unknown organic compound. They have until next Friday to submit a report on the identity of the organic compound that I gave them for qualitative analysis.

Color reactions are fun!

For my lecture class, we continued on the discussion on how to separate the components of a mixture of organic compounds.

Settled on my desk, I noticed an envelop addressed to me. It bore good news as I finally got my tenureship! Tenureship means job security, but most all it means that I still get my 2-months summer pay even if I do not work for the 3 months of summer. During this time, I could focus on my translation job, photography, reading my back-log of books, watching DVDs, and trying out new recipes to cook. I also got promoted to Associate Professor Level 3, which is 7 levels my former rank of Assistant Professor Level 1. This signifies a higher pay and more financial security. When before I have to augment my income with my translation jobs (which actually pays me 5 times more!), now my salary as a teacher can support my lifestyle. The money I get from translations will be saved and a portion used to buy luxury items like another Louis Vuitton bag. hehe.

After a few shouts of joy on my part and congratulatory cheers from my colleagues, I had to eat lunch. Since the start of this semester, I have been preparing my bento box for lunch whenever my classes take the whole day. The food at the cafeteria got tiring on the palate and they were expensive to boot!

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