Saturday, December 10, 2005

Pinoy Big Brother Winner "Nene Tamayo"!

Pinoy Big Brother just had a very successful Big Night at the Clark Expo in Pampanga. Everyone that I know wanted either Jayson or Nene to win the PhP 6 million prize money as the first PBB winner. Well, Nene won and Jason was the first runner up. Although I was rooting for Jayson since the beginning, Nene won the hearts and minds of the Filipino people and I acknowledge that she was a deserving winner. Her strength of character showed through in every episode of the series. She never resorted to back-biting and always did the tasks assigned by Big Brother with grace, poise, and a never-gonna-quit attitude. The girl was loved by my mother and most mothers I know. They must have seen in her the ideal daughter. My congratulations, Nene!

But in contrast to the excitement of PBB's Big Night, my day was kind of boring. I had a monstrous migraine last night which caused me to be groggy the whole day today. Yet I still had to go to school even on a Saturday because of the Pre-Midterm exam I had to give my second year Organic Chemistry students.

As you can see from the picture above, they took their exams in the faculty room because I wanted to work on my afternoon lecture while looking after them. Unable to concentrate because I was too hungry, I just enjoyed watching my friends play Tumblebugs - the latest craze in the Chemistry Department. I had to wait for the pizza to be delivered by 11:30am.

The pizza was delivered at almost noon. Good thing that I was too famished to complain! Anyway, here is proof of my hearty appetite:

My lunch!

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