Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sunset at Cordova, Mactan

My Flickr friends proposed a series of photoshoots over the weekend. They had a pretty hectic schedule laid out so I was only able to go to the Cordova sunset pictorial set for Saturday. Farley and I drove out to the pier from Compostela at about 5:00 pm and arrived at Cordova before everyone else because my boy knows a shorter way to get to the place, Mactan Island being his hometown. Hometown advantage, so they say...

We got trigger happy with the camera as soon as we got there. Farley as you could see in the picture above did not lose time and started capturing the setting sun. I, on the other hand, started eyeing this old boat docked near the road because the sunset light was bouncing off it such a warm glow.

By this time, the sun was really lying low and just about to set. It was the most beautiful yellow and its reflection on the sea surface was just amazing. The sky turned a screaming orange.

Just to show you the beauty of that reflection, here is my capture of it. I am so glad I did it justice.

After more than 30 minutes of shooting, our Flickr friends still have not arrived. They got stuck in traffic and so they missed out on the awesome sunset. While waiting for them, I got a shot of some homebound boatmen.

The quartet of Elmer, Estan, Tet, and Mark finally arrived. Greetings abound and I got into chika mode as I have not seen these guys for quite sometime. Elmer's trip to Japan was very especially interesting for me since I lived there for close to 7 years. But these guys were also here for a photoshoot, so I had to let them be. I even had time to capture these rowing boys:

Alas, it was almost 6:30 p.m. I was hungry and thoughts of the salmon sushi from Kagura (Farley and my favorite Japanese resto) was already haunting me. So, we bade our friends goodbye after taking this last shot...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Long Hiatus

It has been six months since I last posted here. As usual, I got so busy with my job and traveling. I also fell in love with the most adorable boy on earth. That should keep a normal girl busy, right? Hehe.

Now that the dust has settled, I will go back to blogging. Wish me luck... :)