Saturday, January 18, 2003

Slept very late yesterday finishing the translation/copywriting job. Also read the collection of manga and japanese fashion magazines I bought home from my recent trip to Tokyo.

These must have been the reason I had the weirdest dream last night...:

In it I was on some sort of trip with my sister, cousin V, and some others to the north of Cebu. We were on a mission to find something at the peak of a hill. Whatever it was, I don't remember... Anyway, we started knocking on the houses along the route to ask for directions but could not proceed to the top because it started to snow! (he he... in tropical Cebu ha.) With that, we just decided to go back to the rented bus and go home. Sayang, as the view up there was awesome...

So we arrived at the bus to find our tour guide informing everybody that going back to Cebu City would be difficult because we are passing through NPA rebel infested towns, and they might try to rob us and burn our bus. Everybody was warned. True enough, just 50 meters along the way (was that fast!), we were stopped by men and a woman in black face hoods. A man and the woman proceeded to open our bags and get our money. When they finished, the woman rebel (robber?) had the gall to tell me, "Uy, yen imong kuwarta." (hey, your money is in yen."). Hmph.

For some reasons, the rebels left the woman on board the bus. As she was alone, a man, who i think was my highschool classmate, George, kicked her out of the bus. We shouted at the driver to speed off and never stop the bus as there were still some rebels (they were wearing those heavy afghanistan costumes... in tropical Cebu, ha! hehe) along the route trying to stop us... I then shouted at my companions to start calling from their cellphones any general, judges, and government officials they know. HAHA.

I called my mother. HAHA. Well, she works at the court house. She counts. :p

Then I woke up.

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