Friday, January 17, 2003

Good morning. hmmm... Lets see. I am supposed to have a masteral class from 1 to 4pm. And this pending translation cum copywriter job, the files for which will be sent this morning from Vietnam. Deadline they said is this afternoon. I hope they can send the file asap because then I can work on it in the morning with little stress, and so I can focus on the class in the afternoon. If they don't, balancing act galore ensues. Gah!

I quoted a high price for the job since it entails squeezing my creative juices. I hope they bite on my offer.

Yesterday, I got to organize all my unpaid invoices using Excel and so realized that I have quite a substantial amount of money still owed me. Good thing that the check from Vietnam arrived via registered mail. I will have to go to the post office on Tuesday to get it. I will also drop by the amway building, since it is near the post office, to get my Japanese colleague's package from this shipping company. He sent a package to the research vessel when it was docked in Cebu during the research cruise i talked about in the previous post, but unfortunately the package arrived after the ship has left. Now i have to get the damn package and send it back to Tokyo. hmph!

I do hope the Vietnam check is drafted on a bank in the USA, or is a Citibank or HSBC check. Otherwise i can't clear it and so will have to send it back to them. such hassle...

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