Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Darn it! I have the most painful tension headache from doing too much today and yesterday.

I accomplished all that I was supposed to do yesterday. Of course, to do all that I was only able to sleep at 2:30 am. I woke up at 6:41am like I had a nightmare since my class was at 7:30am! Everything was a blurr for 20 minutes as I rushed off to take a shower, dress, and do my make-up. I was out of my house by 7am. That was a record! HAHAHA. I got to my class on time, thank goodness!

After the lecture and laboratory classes in the morning, I had my lunch (1.5 cups rice, pork in sweet sauce, vegetable and beef soup), filled up my health insurance policy, and my request slips for make-up classes.

Since I was free the rest of the afternoon, I ran off to the post office to get the registered mail containing the check coming from Vietnam. It was an HSBC check drafted to a New York branch and my worries of it not getting encashed vanished... :D

Then, I was off to get the package of my Japanese colleague from the agent who handled our research vessel when it docked in Cebu. The size of the thing pissed me off. Not only will it cost thousands of pesos to send it back to Japan, I will have to send it in increment because I could not go to the Post Office carrying the whole stuff by myself. I could kill him for giving me this problem when my schedule alone is already tight. GRRRRRRR.

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