Monday, January 27, 2003

I had a bloody weekend.

On Saturday, I had back to back classes in the morning and afternoon, both of which are make-up classes. The 3-hour morning class was an undergraduate Organic Chemistry lecture on the chemistry of carboxylic acid derivatives. It was scheduled due to my absence because of the this sudden trip to Tokyo to attend my professor's wake and cremation. In the afternoon, I had to lecture for 4 hours on molecular orbitals for a masteral class on Theoretical Organic Chemistry. The extended lecture was to compensate for the failure of classes last week due to the Sinulog festival.

It was a good thing that I had a scheduled home-service massage waiting for me at home, or else I would have suffered from a killer tension headache again.

Sunday was spent checking papers and preparing for my classes for today. I also had to help Japoy with his post-doctoral application to NOAA by editing the English research proposal he sent via e-mail.

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