Friday, January 17, 2003

Sinulog NA! Adto TA!

Every 3rd weekend of January

There are two hotels that I know which is on the route of the Sinulog dance parade: the Cebu Midtown Hotel and Garwood Hotel, both located at Osmena Boulevard. It might be too late to book there, though...

If not, try to get a ticket to the Abellana Stadium on sunday. Be sure to get there before 8am to get really good seats. This is where the parade starts, and the contestants get to show the best of their routine on this stage.

You can also position yourself on the streets. But this is not so advisable if you are alone or not that tall since a LOT of people are also there. It helps that specially made elevated sitting areas are placed at strategic points in the route. Again, you have to be early to arrive at those places since they do get occupied in no time at all.

There is also a procession of the Sto. nino at Colon Street on Saturday in the afternoon. This is more of a religious event with devotees of the Sto. nino from all over the philippines and the world joining in.

A fluvial parade at the Mactan Channel is also traditionally done on Saturday morning at 7am. You would get a great view from the 2 Mactan bridges. I just don't know if people are allowed to watch from there...

Remember these: wear comfortable clothes, preferably a dark shirt and jeans on sneakers. Do not bring any valuables with you as petty criminals are on the loose what with so many people on the streets. Be ready to walk walk walk since the festival in on the streets. Public and private transportation can not be had for kilometers. Bring lots of bottled water. A hat. A face towel. Candies...

But also HAVE FUN!!!