Monday, January 02, 2006

I Love Sushi!

sushi set from my favorite sushi bar in tokyo

If there is one thing I miss about Japan, it should be sushi. Everytime I have the chance to go back, I always get excited because going there would mean an abundance of authentic, succulent, mouth-watering sushi.

When I was staying in Japan as a graduate student, it was inevitable that I would succumb to blue periods when life just hits me with really hurtful blows. Days would be spent holed up in my room, doing nothing but sleep, sleep, and sleep. Getting up gets too painful at those times. But after days of eating nothing but what I have laid out near my bed, hunger pangs take over and the first thing that comes to my mind is always SUSHI!

visions of this can snap me off any depression

Trembling because of hunger, I would take a bath and dress up, fly out of the room and into the nearest sushi bar and gorge on sushi until satiated! Miraculously, my blues would go away, a smile starts to wash over my face and I am a new girl again.

Yes, sushi is my Prozac.

sushi and sashimi from the breakfast buffet of circles cafe, makati shangri-la hotel


Manang K said...

love sushi sab ko. ga tulo ako'ng laway ga tan-aw.

pinky kitty said...

Hmmm mmmm ganahan sad ko ug sushi oi! As in kung puede lang kada adlaw akong kan-on! Pero unsaon wala ko naanad ug magchopstick pirmi! Anyways, nice pictures!