Monday, March 10, 2003

Sushi in Bangkok!

Funny thing. For dinner I ate sushi and I am in Bangkok. :p
I redeemed myself by eating rice noodles again at the restaurant of Sasa International House as soon as I got home from window shopping at Siam Center.

Speaking of window shopping. It is end of season sale here. I saw Sisley, Mango, Benetton tops for less than 1000 Baht. Not bad...
But congratulate me for not buying anything from those shops. Instead, I got two 90 Baht pastel shirts at the sidewalks of Siam Square. nyehehe.
You would be proud of my haggling skills. :D

I also bought the Bangkok Lonely Planet travel guide for 600 B, and got sumptuous red Thai silk shawls for 199 B and 320 B each. I plan to make pillow cases out of them. I got some cute kitchen decorative knickknacks. They were actually tiny replicas of fruits placed inside small vials, covered with corks. I got 12 of them for 300 B. D

More shopping ahead. I am not yet done.